To generate global level leaders in the field of aeronautics by dedicated studies of the subject matter , through practices on aero plane and various engines with flight simulation on the ground and organizing various Industrial visits to the industries dealing with the Aero space departments.


  • Aiming to produce Aeronautical Engineers of having capability to maintain a machine from the basic levels of flying activities to the level of the activities involved in the process of launching the space crafts.

Programme Educational Objectives

  • PEO1: To provide the students with sound knowledge in mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals and knowledge in Information and Communication technology to analyze, formulate and solve real life problems.
  • PEO2: To focus on basic fundamentals in the software and hardware aspects of computing, algorithms, design analysis and architecture modeling.
  • PEO3: To impart the students with computing skills and ability to develop, implement innovative, integrated and secure information technology solutions for meeting the global challenges and changing requirements.
  • PEO4: To provide students with an understanding and appreciation of the societal consequences of technology, including computers, and of the ethical issues that may arise with new technologies for balancing the economic growth of the country.
  • PEO5: To inculcate the ability among the students to explore and learn by themselves, the change taking place continuously in the field of engineering and technology as part of life long learning process.

Programme Specific Outcomes

  • PSO1: Carry out the design and development of aircraft and manufacturing of various systems involved in aeronautical and apply appropriate aviation technical applications, problem solving and critical thinking skills required in industry.
  • PSO2: Demonstrate multiple communication means specific to aeronautical engineering and technical processes using appropriate concepts.
  • PSO3: Be able to solve complex aeronautical engineering problems related to aerodynamics, aircraft structures, and maintenance, propulsion and avionics systems.

About the Department

The department is very seriously committed to cater all the requirements to provide the maximum level of knowledge to the students through , theoretical and practical means of teaching and learning process. No stone is being left un turned to gather the information's concerning to the maintenance of the aero plane and about its flying activities.

The department has got the routine activity of maintenance by our students on piston engine SOCATA - TB20 aircraft which is flying condition.

The department is undertaking the activities like aero modeling, practical training on Gas turbine engines and available automobile engines. And also establishing laboratories for the three major fields structures, Aerodynamics and propulsion . The department is organizing various Value added courses like Auto CAD, Solid works, CATIA and CFD. The department has got regular industrial visits and In plant Training Program's.

The students are of very enthusiastic nature to grab more and more material on the subject matter. Because of the dedicated support of the students, the department is much more comfortable to deliver the goods. We are proud of department that the future of aero space department of the Indian origin and of worldwide is going to be lead by the engineers coming out from the college.

Faculty Profile

SNo Name Designation Qualification & Specialization Teaching Exp Industry Exp
1 T. Jebin Samuvel Asst. Professor & HoD (incharge) M.E Aeronautical Engineering 5.3 0
2 C.Praveen Shaju Asst. Professor M.E Aeronautical Engineering 5.3 0
3 T. Vijayakanth Asst. Professor M.E Aeronautical Engineering 6.6 0
4 G. Mari Prabu Asst. Professor M.E Aeronautical Engineering 5.3 0
5 D.Tamil Vendan Asst. Professor M.E Aeronautical Engineering 4.3 0
6 V.Babu Asst. Professor M.E Aeronautical Engineering 6.6 0
7 Ramkumar V Asst. Professor M.E Aeronautical Engineering 2.6 0
8 Kabilan P Asst. Professor M.E Lean Manufacturing 1.6 0
9 Elavarasan S Asst. Professor M.E Aeronautical Engineering 0.8 0.6
10 Karthiram S Asst. Professor M.E Aeronautical Engineering 5.8 0
11 Karnan D Asst. Professor M.E Aeronautical Engineering 0.8 0

Contact Number Of The H.O.D : 97867 98142

History of Placed Alumnus

2015 Batch

Student Name Organization
V.Ajay Kumar Duratech Solutions
T.M.ARAVIND Gloriex Infosystems
G.Kishor kumar Duratech Solutions
V.Krishnan Duratech Solutions
M.Marikannan Gloriex Infosystems
D.Mithun Ebinzear Appogy Engg/Calydon Infotech
J.Nilesh Gloriex Infosystems
P.Prakash Gloriex Infosystems
R.Ranjitha Serco/Sanspareil/Duratech Solutions
P.R.SRIDHARAN Gloriex Infosystems