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Empower the students towards Agricultural Engineering profession that applies Science and Technology to agricultural production, farm mechanization, Conservation of water, Energy and Processing with a knowledge of agricultural principles.


Agricultural Engineering has been accepted as one of the major disciplines which contribute significantly in increasing the productivity of agriculture in the country by way of increasing efficiency of inputs, conservation of resources and reducing post harvest losses beside value addition of agro-produce. Offers a well balanced programme of quality education, Real time industry exposure, expertizing in emerging technologies, creating self learning environment, creating passion towards leadership skills.

Programme Educational Objectives

PEO 1: To train and educate students with general knowledge and skills in agricultural water management, agricultural production process, farm machinery and farm management.

PEO 2: To provide a sound theoretical knowledge in engineering principles applied to agriculture.

PEO 3: To prepare students for a successful agricultural engineering career integrating all aspects of engineering in agriculture.

PEO 4: To develop innovative capacity of students for increasing agricultural production with scarce water resources available.

PEO 5: To impart positive and responsive out-reach attitudes, initiative and creative thinking intheir mission as engineers.

PEO 6: To understand ethical issues and responsibility of serving the society and the environmentat large.

Programme Specific Outcomes

A graduate of the information technology program will demonstrate:

PSO1 : Professional Skills: The ability to understand, analyze and develop computer programs in the areas related to algorithms, compiler design, multimedia, web technology and networking for the design of computer based systems.

PSO2 : Problem Solving Skills: The ability to apply standard practices and rules in developing the software project.

PSO3 : Career and Entrepreneurship: The ability to employ recent technologies, programming languages, and platforms.

About the department

The Department of Agricultural Engineering was established during the year 2015 and offers a B.E (Ag) degree programme affiliated to Anna University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Agriculture sector supports the livelihood of more than 100 crores people in India and hence stable growth of agriculture is necessary to provide a social security to major population. In today’s context of challenges, Agricultural Engineering provides backbone to stability and growth of agriculture.

The department offers four major specializations in Agricultural Engineering viz. Farm machinery and Power Engineering, Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, Soil and Water Conservation Engineering and Post harvest process and food Engineering. Each has its unique and wide scope for research work.

The department deals with the changing needs of agriculture, globalization, climate change, increasing pressure on agriculture, high input intensive agriculture, increasing cost of production, declining resources like land and water, labour scarcity in agriculture, stagnation of productivity levels, declined contribution to National economy etc.,

And also offers Value-added courses like AUTOCAD, RS & GIS, Automobile training, Horticulture and Landscaping, crop protection measures, Animal Husbandry, Forestry, Industrial training for irrigation equipments and manufacturing farm implements. The faculty members update their knowledge by regularly attending various conferences, inviting guest lectures and faculty development program .Several faculty members are currently doing their research work and are involved in taking care of software projects. Students are taken to the agricultural farms to understand different farming operations like cultivation of different crops, irrigation methods, tillage practices, tools and machineries used in the farm. It helps the students to know things practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices. Moreover, it gives exposure from academic point of view.

Faculty profile

S.No Name Designation Qualification & Specialization Teaching Experience Industry Experience
1 Dr. A. Tajuddin Professor and Dean B.E, M.E, Ph.D – Farm Machinery 38 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
2 Dr. D. Anantha Krishnan Professor Ph.D & Farm Machinery 30 Year(s) 1 Year(s)
3 Dr. V.J.F.Kumar Professor Ph.D & Farm Machinery 32 Year(s) 2 Year(s)
4 Dr. K. Balathandayuthan Professor Ph. D & Energy 30 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
5 Dr. S. Ramasamy Professor Ph.D & Agronomy 30 Year(s) 1 Year(s)
6 Dr. C. Mayilsamy Professor Ph.D & Soil and Water Conservation 30 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
7 Dr. K. Siddeswaran Professor Ph.D & Agronomy 30 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
8 Dr. R. Murugesan Associate Professor Ph.D & Soil and Water Conservation 10 Year(s) 15 Year(s)
9 Dr. V. Malathi Assistant Professor Ph.D & Soil and Water Conservation 7 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
10 Ms .M.Thenmozhi Assistant Professor M.E & Agrl. Processing 5 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
11 Ms. J. Githanjali Assistant Professor M.E & Agrl. Processing 4 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
12 Mr. A. Sivakumar Assistant Professor M.E & Agrl. Processing 7 Year(s) 1 Year(s)
13 Dr. S. Saravanan Associate Professor Ph.D & Soil and Water Conservation 10 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
14 Dr. K. Y. Raneesh Associate Professor Ph.D & Soil and Water Conservation 10 Year(s) 1 Year(s)
15 Dr. D. Tamilmani Associate Professor Ph.D & Farm Machinery 30 Year(s) 1 Year(s)
16 Dr. Paramathma Professor Ph.D & Agronomy 32 Year(s) 3 Year(s)
Contact Number Of The H.O.D : 96009 79962

History of Placed Alumnus

First batch yet to graduate.

One day Seminar on “Increasing Mechanized Farm Power for Maximum Crop Productivity”



Admission 2018