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Programme Educational Objectives

PEO 1: Identify, analyze and solve the biotechnological problems in product and process development.

PEO 2: Identify and control hazards in bioprocess industries.

PEO 3: Apply modern computational, analytical tools and techniques to address biotechnological challenges.

PEO 4: Pursue life-long learning as a means of enhancing the knowledge base and skills for professional advancements.

PEO 5: Communicate effectively and demonstrate entrepreneurial and leadership skills

Programme Specific Outcomes

PSO 1: Knowledge and hands on training to solve engineering and scientific problems.

PSO 2: Ability to work in interdisciplinary areas of science and technology towards industrial and academic research applications.


Faculty profile

S.No Name Designation Qualification & Specialization Teaching Experience Industry Experience E-Mail ID
1 Dr.S.Shanmugasundaram Professor Ph.D-Microbial Biotechnology 35 6
2 Dr.P.Manikantan Assistant Professor (SG) Ph.D-Human Molecular Genetics 7 2.2
3 Mrs.Sivapriyadharshini Assistant Professor (SG) Ph.D (Thesis Submitted)-Biotechnology 6 0
4 Mrs.Broony Mariya Tency Assistant Professor M.Tech -Biotechnology 2 0
5 Ms.Sri Thatchayani Assistant Professor M.Tech by Research-Industrial Biotechnology 6 months 3
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History of Placed Alumnus

First batch yet to graduate.


Admission 2018