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To facilitate transformation of students to morally sound, professionally outstanding technocrats, entrepreneurs and researchers involved in the improvement of quality and safety by processing and preserving foods and upgrading the nutritional and economic status of the countrymen by serving the rural community and the general public.


To provide leadership in areas of education, research, innovations and solutions in Food Technology to direct overall activity towards economic growth of the country.

Programme Educational Objectives

PEO 1: To provide students with the basic knowledge, skills and use of latest technologies in food science and technology.

PEO 2: To provide students an awareness and skills that help in life long learning and self education.

PEO 3: To inculcate teamwork, technical writing and communication skills.

PEO 4: To provide students with overall competency and the impact on society and the professional responsibilities as technologist.

Programme Specific Outcomes

A graduate of the Food Technology program will demonstrate:

PSO1: Professional Skills: The ability to understand, analyze and formulate ways to process, preserve, package, or store food, according to industrial requirements

PSO2: Problem Solving Skills: The ability to apply standard practices and rules in developing the food and allied products.

PSO3: Career and Entrepreneurship: The ability to employ modern technologies to produce new or value added products in the area of food process Engineering / Food Technology.

About the department

Food Technology has been identified as the sunrise industry due to its enormous impact & significance in the Indian development sector. The importance of food processing &quality control lies in the fact that it has the capability to provide food to our population through scientific conservations, eliminating available losses and making available more balanced & nutritious food.

Food Industry in the country looks forward to a rapid growth with change in socio-economic environment and food consumption pattern of the prospering population in general and of the youth in particular. Indian Food Processing industry is growing at a rate of 23% per annum as compared to the total industrial growth of 7%, in the country. The food processing sector had attracted a Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) of 188.67 million US$ in 2010-11. A study conducted by Institute of Applied Manpower Research (IAMR) predicts that, there is a wide skill gap at various levels in food sector touching around 35 million by 2017. Thus food industries are going to be a major employer in the coming future.

The Department of Food Technology is introduced in this academic year 2016 and the main objective of this dept is to provide adequate knowledge in the areas of Food Technology. With the ever increasing population and decreasing agricultural lands, there is an difficulty in providing adequate quantity of quality food at affordable prices has become a challenge, leaving people undernourished. this problem needs to be resolved with the effort of every Indian citizen. As an institute, we have the important and respectable role in providing solutions through the young students with the innovations in food technology. And also offers value added courses like AUTOCADD, SOLID WORKS, MATLAB, DESIGN EXPERT for software knowledge. The faculty members update their knowledge by regularly attending various conferences, inviting guest lectures and faculty development program.

MOU with various Industries like Numax Food Products Pvt Ltd, Kabini Agro Foods Pvt Ltd and Kaveri Food Products Pvt Ltd and NN Engineering Products Pvt Ltd. Students are taken to the food industries for learning the practical applications in the real world environment.

The department aims to expand food technology research and education far beyond the conventional realm, by covering upstream food technology disciplines and providing exposure to its students in cutting edge areas of relevance. The focus of our college transcends beyond traditional technology applications, so as to provide better career prospects to students in the field of Food Technology & Management to enable them to meet the demands of high-end professionals in Food Industry. The curriculum has been designed as per the specific needs of the industry. Hence, the job prospects for graduate students are extremely bright and it is expected that, they would be suitably placed at levels comparable to the best in allied sectors in the country.

Faculty profile

S.No Name Designation Qualification & Specialization Teaching Experience Industry Experience
1 Dr.G.S.Murugesan Associate Professor & Head M.Sc.M.Phil.,Ph.D - Microbial Biotechnology 14 Year(s) & 8 Months 9-Months
2 Ms.Poovazhahi Asokan Assistant Professor B.Tech.,M.Tech.-Food Technology 7-Months -
3 Ms.S.Sivapratha Assistant Professor B.Tech.,M.Tech.-Food Process Engg. 4-Months -
4 Ms.Humeera Tazeen Assistant Professor B.E.,M.Tech.Ph.D. (On-going)- Food Process Engg. 4-Months 2-Years, 9 Months
5 Ms.Karunyah Amirthadharshini Assistant Professor B.Tech.,M.Tech.-Food Technology 2-Months -
Contact Number Of The H.O.D : 9842446467


History of Placed Alumnus

First batch yet to graduate.

Admission 2018