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The Mathematics Department aspires to be recognized for its excellence, also to be a valuable and expert resource to the college. The department strives to convince all students that mathematics plays a meaningful role in their lives and to improve their overall attitude towards mathematics.


The mission of the Department of Mathematics is to pursue teaching, research and service in the area of mathematics. We provide the setting for any student to become acquainted with the elementary tools of mathematics. The Department is committed to high quality instruction for all students in mathematics courses, and it nurtures pleasant and constructive faculty-student interaction by motivating them to learn and excel, generate interest in the subject. Students at the master's level acquire a solid understanding of mathematics and the ability to apply it effectively.

About the Department

The department was established in the year 2006. The department is recognized as a research center for collaborative research by Anna University, Coimbatore. It provides meaningful support services, responds to the changing environment of mathematics education and promotes effective instructional strategies with students actively participating in the learning process.

The department has full fledged, well equipped library and has dedicated team of 15 experienced staff members which includes 3 doctorates and 5 are pursuing part time research.

The faculty members are also encouraged to attend various conferences, workshops and seminars to understand the current trends of research as a part of Faculty Development Programs to develop new ideas & methods in research as well as in teaching.

Faculty profile

S.No Name Designation Qualification & Specialization Teaching Experience Industry Experience E-Mail ID
1 Dr. P.K. Chenniappan Professor & HOD M.Sc., M.Phil.,Ph.D. & Operation Research 39 Year(s) -
2 Ms.R.Kavitha Assistant Professor M.Phil., (Mathematics) 15 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
3 Dr. J. Wilfred Samuel Raj Assistant Professor Ph.D. Applied Mathematics 3 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
4 Dr.P.Suriyakumar Assistant Professor Ph.D. & Fluid Dynamics 2 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
5 Mrs. A.KAVITHA Assistant Professor Msc.,Mphil 12 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
6 Mr.S.Vijay Babu Assistant Professor M.Sc., M.Phil - Mathematics 11 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
7 Mrs. S. Usha Assistant Professor M.Phil. Mathematics 10 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
8 Mrs. N. PUSHPALATHA Assistant Professor M. PHIL FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS 10 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
9 Mrs.P.Priyadharshini Assistant Professor M.Phil., Ph.D * (Mathematics) 9 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
10 Mrs.G.Shanthi Assistant professor M.Sc.,M.Phil., 9 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
11 Mrs.T.Vidhya Assistant Professor M.Phil 8 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
12 Mrs. K.Bharathi Assistant Professor M.phil Mathematics 7 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
13 Mr.S.Kalaiselvan Assistant Professor M.Phil&Topology 6 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
14 Ms.M.Agneeshwari Assistant Professor M.Sc., M.Phil&Fluid Dynamics 6 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
15 Mrs. M.Revathi Assistant Professor M.phil,Mathematics 6 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
16 Ms. KOWSALYA B Assistant Professor M.SC.,M.PHIL( MATHEMATICS) 6 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
17 Mrs. P.Bharani Assistant Professor M.Phil & Functional Analysis 5 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
18 Mrs. S.Yasodha Assistant Professor M.Phil &Graph Theory 5 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
19 Mr.Mani.Vasantha Punnagai Assistant Professor M.Phil & Graph Theory 5 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
20 G.Menaka Assistanat professor M.Phil 4 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
21 Mr.J.Muthukumar Assistant Professor M.Phil. 1 Year(s) 0 Year(s)
Contact Number Of The H.O.D :  9443063906


Semester – I (common to all B.E./B.Tech., courses)

Theory Engineering Mathematics - I (MA6151)

Semester – II (common to all B.E./B.Tech., courses)

Theory Engineering Mathematics – II (MA6251)

Semester - III (common to all B.E./B.Tech., courses)

Theory Transforms and Partial Differential equation (MA2211)

Semester - IV

Theory Statistics and Numerical Methods (MA2266) – Mechanical Engineering
Theory Numerical Methods (MA2264) – Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Civil Engineering & Aeronautical Engineering
Theory Probability Random Process (MA2261) – Electronics & Communication Engineering
Theory Probability & Queueing Theory (MA2262) – Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology

Semester – V

Theory Discrete Mathematics (MA2265) – Computer Science Engineering

Semester – I (M.E./MCA Courses)

Theory Applied Mathematics for Electrical Engineers (MA9216) – Power Electronics & Drives and Embedded System Technologies (EEE)
Theory Applied Mathematics for Electronics Engineers (MA7157) – VLSI (ECE)
Theory Applied Mathematics for Communication Engineers (MA7158) – Communication System (ECE)
Theory Applied Probability and Statistics (MA7155) – Computer Science Engineering
Theory Advanced Numerical Methods (MA8155) – CAD/COM (Mechanical)

Semester – II (M.E./MCA Courses)

Theory Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science (MA9221) – MCA
Theory Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science (CP7201) - CSE

Semester – IV (MCA Course)

Theory Resource Management Techniques (MC9242) - MCA

Research Programs

Ph.D. /M.S. (By Research) - Science & Humanities (Mathematics) (Part Time)

No. of candidates doing PhD: 02

Admission 2017