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Name of Teaching Staff Dr. Y. Sameena

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Designation Assistant Professor
Department Chemistry
Date of Joining the Institution 06 June 2016
Qualification with Class / Grade UG PG PhD
B. Sc / First Class M. Sc., M. Phil / First Class Completed
Total Experience in Years Teaching : 5 year(s) Industry : 0 year(s) Research : 7 Year(s)
Publications National International Book
Journals: 7 Conferences: 6 Journals: 27 Conferences: 4 0
Thesis / Projects Guided UG Level: 0 PG Level: 23 PhD : NA
Professional Memberships NA
Consultancy Activities NA
Awards / Patents obtained 1. ABAP junior scientist award 2011 byThe association of biotechnology and pharmacy, India,2011
2. Selected for the participation in the academic and interaction sessions and presented poster entitled “Spectroscopic investigation on the interaction of Coumarin and its inclusion complex with DNA” during the 5th Science Conclave/Inspire Internship Program-A congregation of Nobel Laureates and Eminent Scientists. An Ministry of Human and Resource Development- Department of Science and Technology (MHRD-DST)  initiative at Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Allahabad, India 2012.
3. I prize on International symposium on Innovations in free radical research and experimental therapeutics (IFRRET-2011) and 5th annual convention of association of biotechnology and pharmacyDepartment of biotechnology, Karunya University, Coimbatore in association with the association of biotechnology and pharmacy, India,2011
4. II prize on National level seminar on Bioinformatics,Bharathiar Univeristy, Coimbatore,2011.
5. I prize on National level seminar on Perspectives and issues on structural biology (MOTIF’12),Bharathiar Univeristy, Coimbatore,2012.
6. II prize on National conference on Molecules to Materials-Solving problems of mankind,Karunya Univeristy, Coimbatore,2013.
7. Best Oral presentation on National conference “Advanced functional materials and their applications in engineering-[NCAFMAE 2017]Dr. N.G.P. Institute of Technology, Coimbatore,2017.
Institutional Collaboration  
Grants Obtained Number of Grants: NA


List of publications
1. On the accessibility of surface-bound drugs on magnetic nanoparticles. Encapsulation of drugs loaded on modified dextran-coated superparamagnetic iron oxide by β- cyclodextrin
Natesan Sudha, Sameena Yousuf*, Israel V. M. V. Enoch*, Mosae Selvakumar Paulraj, Premnath Dhanaraj, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 2016, 141, 423–428.* as corresponding author
2.Chemico-biological interaction of Etravirine and its β-cyclodextrin complex with macromolecular targets
Sameena Yousuf, Sudha Natesan,Israel V. M. V. Enoch, Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, 2016 March 16: 1–37.
3.β-Cyclodextrin encapsulates Biochanin A and influences its binding to Bovivine serum albumin: Alteration of the binding strength
N. Sudha, Y. Sameena, Israel V. M. V. Enoch, Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2016, DOI:10.1007/s10953-016-0446-1.
4.Binding interactions of a fluoranthene-thiol on gold nanoparticles with β-cyclodextrin and DNA
S. Eugene Thangaraj, Eva Janet Antony, Sameena yousuf, P. Mosae selvakumar, Premraj Dhanaraj, & Isarel V.M.V. Enoch, Journal of Experimental Science, 2016, DOI: 10.1080/17458080.2016.1258496.
5.Loading of Chromenones on superparamagnetic iron oxide-modified dextran core-shell nanopartilces: openness to bind to β-cyclodextrin and DNA
Sameena Yousuf*, Israel V. M. V. Enoch*, Paulraj Mosae Selvakumar, Dhanaraj Premnath, New Journal of Chemistry, 2015, 39, 7879–7888.* as corresponding author
6.Inclusion complexation between baicalein and β-cyclodextrin and the influence of   β-cyclodextrin on the binding of baicalein with DNA: a spectroscopic approach
Yousuf Sameena, Sowrirajan Chandrasekaran & Enoch Israel V.M.V, Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, 2015, i:10.1080/07391102.2015.1082148.
7.Chromenone-conjugated magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles. Toward conveyable DNA Binders
Sameena Yousuf, Israel V. M. V. Enoch, Mosae Selvakumar Paulraj, Premnath Dhanaraj, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 2015, 135, 448–457.
8.Picking-out Logic Operation in a Naphthalene β-Diketone Derivative by Using Molecular Encapsulation, Controlled Protonation, and DNA Binding
Sameena Y., Ritty Alex, Mosae Selvakumar P.,* Israel V. M. V. Enoch, P. S. Subramanian, Yu Sun, Chemistry Open, 2015,
9.Atorvastatin–β-Cyclodextrin Inclusion Comlplex: Structure of the Complex and its Binding to Bovine Serum Albumin
N.Sudha, Y. Sameena, S. Chandrasekaran, Israel V. M. V. Enoch,Turkish Journal of Chemistry, 2015, DOI: 10.3906/kim-1407-38.
10.Alteration of the Binding Strength of Dronedarone with Bovine Serum Albumin by β-Cyclodextrin: A Spectroscopic Study
N.Sudha, Y. Sameena, S. Chandrasekaran, Israel V. M. V. Enoch, D. Premnath, Spectroscopy Letters, 2015, 48, 112–119.
11.Modulation of the interaction of Coumarin 7 with DNA by -Cyclodextrin
Sowrirjan Chandrasekaran, Yousuf Sameena, Israel V. M. V. Enoch, Journal of Inclusion Phenomena and Macrocyclic Chemistry, 2015, 81, 225–236.
12. Mode of encapsulation of Linezolid by β-Cyclodextrin and its role in Bovine Serum Albumin   binding
Chandrasekaran S., Sudha N., Sameena Y., Israel V.M.V. Enoch, Carbohydrate Polymers, 2015, 115,  
13. Tuning the Binding of Coumarin 6 with DNA by molecular encapsulators: Effect of - Cyclodextrin and C-Hexylpyrogallol[4]arene
 Chandrasekaran S., Sameena Y., Israel V.M.V. Enoch, J ournal of Molecular Recognition, 2014, 27, 640–652.
14. Spectroscopic Studies on diester-dicarboxylic Acid (DEDA)–Melamine Cocrystal and its  inclusion complex with β-Cyclodextrin
 Ritty Alex, Y. Sameena, G. Tamil Selvan, I. V. M. V. Enoch, R. Arunachalam, P. S. Subramanian, E.Suresh , P. Mosae Selvakumar,  Journal of Chemistry and Applied Biochemistry, 2014, 1, 1–6.
15. The role of encapsulation by β-cyclodextrin in the interaction of Raloxifene with macromolecular  targets: A study by spectroscopy and molecular modeling
 Y. Sameena, N. Sudha, S. Chandrasekaran, Israel V.M.V. Enoch, Journal of Biological Physics, 2014, 40, 347–367.
16. The binding of the Bi(III) complex of Naringin with β-Cyclodextrin/Calf Thymus DNA:  Absorption and Fluorescence Characteristics
 Sameena Yousuf, Israel V.M.V. Enoch, International Journal of Spectroscopy, 2014, Article  ID 562160,
17. Binding of the host-guest complex of 7-aminoflavone/β-cyclodextrin with calf thymus DNA:  A spectroscopic and molecular docking study
 Chandrasekaran Sowrirajan, Sameena Yousuf, Israel V.M.V. Enoch, Santhanam Venkatakrishnan,  Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2014, 43, 1132–1146.
18. Binding of Flavanone with β-CD/ctDNA: A spectroscopic investigation
 S. Chandrasekaran, Y. Sameena, I. V. Muthu Vijayan Enoch,  Turkish Journal of Chemistry, 2014, 38,  725–738.
19. C-Hexylpyrogallol[4]arene and β-cyclodextrin as directors of the mode of binding of Coumarin – 153 with DNA
 Chandrasekaran Sowrirajan, Sameena Yousuf, Israel V.M.V. Enoch, Supramolecular Chemistry, 2014,  26, 740–752.
20. The Unusual Fluorescence quenching of Coumarin 314 by β-Cyclodextrin and the effect of β- Cyclodextrin on its binding with calf thymus DNA
 Chandrasekaran Sowrirajan, Sameena Yousuf, Israel V.M.V. Enoch,  Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2014, 67, 256–265.
21. Binding interactions of Naringenin and Naringin with calf thymus DNA and the role of β-cyclodextrin in the binding
 Sameena Yousuf, Israel V Muthu Vijayan Enoch, American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Pharma Sci Tech, 2013, 14, 770–781.
22. Isolation of Prunin from the fruit shell of Bixa orellana and the effect of β-cyclodextrinon its  binding with calf thymus DNA
 Sameena Yousuf, N. Sudha, G. Murugesan, Israel V. M. V. Enoch, Carbohydrate Research, 2013, 365, 46–51.
23. The influence of β-Cyclodextrin on the interaction of Hesperetin and its Bismuth(III) complex  with Calf thymus DNA
 Y. Sameena, Israel V. M. V. Enoch, Journal of Luminescence, 2013, 138, 105–116.
24. β-Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complexes of 2-Hydroxyfluorene and 2-Hydroxy-9-fluorenone: Differences in Stoichiometry and Excited State Prototropic Equilibrium
 Israel V.M.V. Enoch, Sameena Yousuf, Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2013, 42, 470–484.
25. The influence of β-cyclodextrin encapsulation on the binding of 2′-hydroxyflavanone with calf  
 thymus DNA
 Sameena Yousuf, Devi Radhika, Israel V.M.V. Enoch, Murugesh Easwaran, Spectrochimica Acta Part  
 A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 2012, 98, 405–412.
26. Spectroscopic investigation of interaction of 6-methoxyflavanone and its β-cyclodextrin inclusion complex with calf thymus DNA
 Sameena Yousuf, Israel V. M. V. Enoch, Chemical Papers, 2012, 66, 787–794.
27. Inclusion Complexation of 2,6-Diphenylphenol with β-Cyclodextrin: Fluorescence Characteristics and the Effect of pH
 Israel V.M.V. Enoch, Y. Sameena, International Journal of Advances in Pharmacy, Biology and  Chemistry (IJAPBC), 2012, 1 (3), 354– 361.
28. Comparison of the inhibitive effect of acid extract of Orange peel and henna for the corrosion of Mild steel in acidic media
 Sameena. Y, Francisca Shobana. M, Muthu Vijayan Enoch. I .V, Karunya Journal of Research, 2011, 3 (1), 47-54.
29. Adsorption of Iron (II) from aqueous solution using Ricinus communis pericarp carbon as an adsorbent
 S. Madhavakrishnan, K. Manickavasagam, Y. Sameena, K. Selvam, K. Kairvelu and S. Pattabhi, Nature Environment and Pollution Technology, 2008, 7 (3), 391–396.
30. Utilization of modified silk cotton hull waste as an adsorbent for the removal of textile dye (reactive blue MR) from aqueous solution
 K.S. Thangamani, M. Sathishkumar, Y. Sameena, N. Vennilamani, K. Kadirvelu, S. Pattabhi, S.E. Yun,
Bioresource technology, 2007, 98, 1265–1269.
31. Removal of Rhodamine dye from aqueous solution using Gulmohar tree fruit activated carbon
 S. Madhava Krishnan, K. Manickavasakam, Y. Sameena, K. Selvam, K. Rasappan S. Pattabhi,
 Ecology, environment and conservation, 2006, 12 (2), 217–222.
32. Utilization of activated carbon prepared from industrial waste for the removal of Cr (VI) ions  
 from synthetic solution and industrial effluent
 N. Vennilamani, K. Kadirvelu, Y. Sameena, and S. Pattabhi, Adsorption science & technology, 2005, 23 (2), 145–160.
33. Activated carbon from agricultural waste as an adsorbent: Adsorption of (R.Orange 3R) dye from aqueous solution
 Y. Sameena, K. S. Thangamani, N. Vennilamani, S. Pattabhi, Indian Journal of Environmental Protection, 2005, 25 (1), 38–45.
34. Removal of Methylene blue from aqueous solution by adsorption onto activated carbon  K. Manickavasakam, S. M. Krishnan, Y. Sameena, N. Vennilamani, S. Pattabhi, Indian Journal of Environmental Protection, 2004, 24 (7), 534–541.
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