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Name of Teaching Staff Mrs. M. Ambika

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Designation Assistant Professor
Department Computer Science and Engineering
Date of Joining the Institution 03 June 2017
Qualification with Class / Grade UG PG PhD
B.E / First Class with Distinction M.E / First Class with Distinction  
Total Experience in Years Teaching : 3 year(s) Industry : 0 year(s) Research : 0 Year(s)
Publications National International Book
Journals: Conferences: Journals: 5 Conferences: 2  
Thesis / Projects Guided UG Level: 3 PG Level: PhD :
Professional Memberships IAENG
Consultancy Activities  
Awards / Patents obtained  
Institutional Collaboration  
Grants Obtained Number of Grants:


List of publications
1. R. Sathish, M. Ambika, R. Prabhu and R. Krishnakumar. 2017. Real Time Data Collection and Analytics of Social Media Sites Using Netlytic, Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research, Vol 25 (1), 174 - 180. 
2. M. Ambika, G.V. Jayasri, P. Rinthuja, U. Swetha, P. Vignesh Kumar5. 2017. A Survey on Feasible Summarization of Dynamic Social Network Data Based on Interestingness Measures, International Journal for Scientific Research & Development, Vol 4 (12), 419 - 422. 
3. R. Krishnakumar, K.Prabhu, M.Ambika, R.Sathish. 2016. A Survey on Optimal Distribution System for GPS and GEO based Shipment and Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks, International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering, Vol 4 (1), 8772 - 8777. 
4. M. Ambika, R. V. Nataraj. 2013. Intrusion Detection and Continuous Authentication using Multimodal Biometrics in MANETS , A Survey, International Journal of Computer Applications, Special Issue, 23 - 26. 
5. M. Ambika, R. V. Nataraj. 2013. Architecture for Real Time Monitoring and Modeling of Network Behavior for Enhanced Security, International Journal of Computer Applications, Vol 64 (8), 21 - 25.
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