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The Centre is established to fully utilize and manage natural resources and the environment, towards increasing sustainability and providing global security to all sectors of society. It also aims to enhance the quality of life by ensuring water security for all by providing necessary research and development inputs, with special emphasis on the use of Geoinformatics.


To pursue exploratory research projects in diverse areas of Geoinformatics and Water Technology and bring together a team of dedicated researchers who push the limits to achieve the goals. The major goal is to use the latest tools and techniques in Geoinformatics to come up with innovative research designs and transferring the developed technology to the society that can make life easier.

List of ongoing Research Project

Principal Investigator: Dr. D. Karunanidhi

Funding Agency Title of the Projects Amount Sanctioned (Rs.) in Laksh Status
DST - NRDMS Major Project Geospatial Technology in Promoting Recharge in Lower Bhavani Basain in between Bhavanisagar to Bhavni Town Erode District, Tamil Nadu   14.80 On going 
DST- SERB ECRA Scheme Identification of Hydrogeochemical Controls on Occurrence of High Fluoridesin Bed Rock Aquifers of Shanmuganadhi Sub-basin, Amravathi River, Tamil Nadu – a Special Stress on Remediation by Managed Aquifer Recharge       26.27 On going 

Core Faculty

Sl.No Core Faculty Highest Qualifications Area of Specialization
1. Dr. D. Karunanidhi Associate Professor Ph. D Geoinformatics Application for Groundwater Modelling
2. Dr. K.Y. Raneesh Associate Professor Ph. D Water Resources Management and Climate Changes
3. Dr. S. Saravanan Ph. D Irrigation Engineering Remote Sensing and GIS

List of Pursuing Ph.D Scholars

Sl. No Name of The Scholar Faculty/Degree Title of the Thesis Supervisor
1. Mr. D.Sakthivelu Civil Engineering (Part-time mode) GIS based hydrological modeling in Kangayam Taluk, Thirupur District of Tamil Nadu Dr. D. Karunanidhi
2. Mr. J. Vignesh S&H (Geology) (Part-time mode) Geoinformatics modeling for hydrogeochemical process in Mettur Taluk, Salem District, Tamil Nadu Dr. D. Karunanidhi
3. Ms. T. Maithili S&H (Geology) (Part-time mode)  Hydrogeochemical process and evolution of Fluoride in groundwater at  Eadapadi Taluk, Salem District, Tamil Nadu using GIS Dr. D. Karunanidhi
4. Mr. B. Anand Civil Engineering (Full-time mode) Geoinformatics based groundwater resources Development planning and Promoting recharge in Lower Bhavani basin, Erode District, Tamil Nadu Dr. D. Karunanidhi
5. Ms. Christina Marcus S&H (Geology) (Full-time mode) Hydrogeochemical Investigation and GIS based Groundwater Modeling of Thutha sub-basin, Bharathapuzha River, Kerala   Dr. D. Karunanidhi