The Department aspires to be the best department for the teaching of English language and communication skills as well as enhancing the ability of the students to learn English and prepare them to embrace new challenges through scholarly teaching.


The mission of the Department is to carry out the teaching of English language with the newest technology based approaches and to strive for excellence in the educational endeavours, strengthen the link between theory, research and practice.

About the Department

The Department of English has been inducted and flourished from the birth of Sri Shakthi Institute of Engineering and Technology in 2006.The Department holds the vision of improving the communicative ability of students’ community. The millennium decades expose the efficiency of communication as the key for opening the career corridors. This need of the hour is exhibited through the design of the curriculum. The Department engages the students in mastering the methods of language acquisition through the curriculum. The texts and the class room activities develop a sophisticated understanding of the role that English plays in modern scenario. The exposition of the syllabus strengthens and refines the language skills of students to become compelling, elegant speakers. The Department plays an active role in helping our graduate students compete for good jobs in academia.

Faculty Profile

S.No Name Designation Highest Qualification
1 DR.M.HEMAMALINI Professor & Head Ph.D
2 MR.M.SABAREEDHARAN Assistant Professor M.Phil
3 MS.M.SELVALAKSHMI Assistant Professor M.Phil
4 MR.P.SATHISHKUMAR Assistant Professor M.Phil
5 MS.NIKITHA GOMEZ Assistant Professor M.Phil
6 MS.B.C.NANDHINI Assistant Professor M.Phil
7 MS.N.REMA Assistant Professor M.Phil
8 MS.P.DURGA DEVI Assistant Professor M.Phil
9 MR.T.CHINNADURAI Assistant Professor M.Phil
10 MS.M.SARMILA Assistant Professor M.Phil
11 MR.K.SAKTHIVIGNESH Assistant Professor M.Phil
Contact Number Of The H.O.D : 9442739082